October 2018 Soap Challenge

We Shall Overcomb Part Deux

To comb or not to comb?  That was the question.
The answer?  We shall Overcomb!! *Shakes Fist*

This challenge was… a challenge…  For a new soaper, like myself, it was completely intimidating.  Dividers?!?  Whaaaa???  Combing Tools? Omg.  Slab molds?? Say What?!?

Part of the challenge for me was understanding the challenge parameters… I submitted a soap that got disqualified because I used a comb in a log mold.  Oooops.  I was disappointed, but the rules are the rules, and these things usually turn out to be a blessing in disguise, and in this case, it was.   What to do? What ta doooo???  Make another soap.   I happened to get lucky and have the time on Saturday to do so.  I’m so glad that I submitted early, because if I hadn’t, I would have had to enter my mustard and ketchup-esque soap, which smells great, but looks like something you would want to dip your corn dog into.  I was hoping to avoid that.  So yeah… Another soap…

(If you are interested, I made a video of the first soap I submitted here.  Yes… see my glorious blunder in technicolor, folks. *Screw it up royally, I did…*)

So… I built a slab mold out of foam board, measured out my oils, made my lye solution and went to it.  I used the same colors as I did before, because, well… I like them. 🙂  I even made my combing tool out of  cardboard, chopsticks, and electrical tape.  I mean, if you can’t fix it with electrical tape, you aren’t using enough electrical tape… Jus’ Sayin’…

I poured and worried, and poured, and paused, and poured, and worried some more… It was then time to… *GASP* Comb it.


It was definitely a “hold your nose and jump” moment.  For those of you who weren’t aware, soaping is a sport.  For real.  I long to see a bravo show in the tradition of Top Chef based on Soaping.  Instead of Padma, we would hear Ann Marie from Bramble Berry utter the dreaded words, “Tori, you have been knocked off your soap box.  Please pack your micas and go…” *giggles*

Back to the orginal topic… My soap challenge entry…

It was time to wait.  What if I drop it?  What if it doesn’t set up?  What if it cracks?  What if it is consumed with soda ash?  What if I make it self conscious by staring at it too long?  I was reaching waaaay down in the bottom of the what if barrel, and then I was like, “Omg.  I should lay off of the chocolate covered espresso beans…”

I did have soda ash, so… I planed.  I’m happy with the result.

I am also very happy with having joined the soap challenge club.  In this one challenge, I have learned to edit a video for youtube, not great, but I learned it, I have learned to dust myself off from a minor setback, I learned how to make a soap using a super tricky technique, how to make a slab mold, how to make a combing tool, how to make a gif from a video, (which is super cool), and how to make and publish a blog.  All that from ONE SINGLE CHALLENGE!  So… If you are thinking of signing up for the challenge or you don’t think your skills are up to it, poo on that.  The challenge isn’t about showing off, it is totally about learning and expanding your soaping skills, and I have personally found it invaluable to my personal soaping growth.  So, thank you to our host, Amy Warden, for opening it up for us all to benefit from.

Thanks for reading,
~};{~ Tori ~};{~


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